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2015 modeling technologies and habits on-line survey

This on-line survey took place between March and May 2015 and gathered 83 responses, most of them out of our existing contacts. The raw results are available here, and the following information is a summary of the survey. Feel free to use this information as long as you quote it is coming from PragmaDev.

Respondants profile

Respondant average profile is:
  • from Europe,
  • working in a large telecom, automotive or avionic company,
  • has evenly between 0 and 30 years of experience,
  • the design is not certified,
  • the target platform runs an operating system (Linux or Windows),
  • the application is written in C or C++,
  • it is based on Finite State Machines and is object oriented.

Modeling technologies

The top four modeling technologies are UML, Matlab, SysML, and SDL. UML is the first modeling technology to be quoted, but both UML and SysML have substantially decreased compared to last year.

Modeling usage

Modeling usage

The usage of each modeling technology confirms last year's results:
  • SysML and UML are mostly used for documentation,
  • SDL is first and Matlab second for model used for simulation and code generation.

Modeling usage

Upcoming technologies

This is probably one of the most interesting result we get out of this survey, and that gives an idea of the current trends on the modeling market.
  • There is a positive trend around 10% for SysML, SDL, and SystemC,
  • UML keeps a substantial forthcoming decrease of 16% for the fifth year in a row,
  • Matlab and VHDL also suffer from a substantial decrease around 10%.

Modeling trends

Upcoming hot topics

Last question of the survey was about which topic will get the focus in the coming year. Top answers are:

  • System modeling,
  • Model simulation,
  • Testing,
  • Test generation.

Upcoming topics

We are glad to say PragmaDev has a strong positionning in these four areas.