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Short video introduction

What we do explained in seven minutes.

Ease testing of clock based systems.

Live presentation at UCAAT 2018 on Oct 17 in Paris.

PragmaDev Studio presentation during Enova 2015 show in Paris (in French).

Emmanuel Gaudin introduces the new PragmaDev Studio toolset.

Asynchronous modeling in railway systems (French)

Presented at ERTS2 conference on Jan 29, 2016 by Emmanuel Gaudin.

This paper presentation discusses how to model a railway system with an asynchronous technology. Paper - Slides.

An experiment to introduce interrupts in SDL

Emmanuel Gaudin presents a joint work with ST Microelectronics to model interrupts in SDL and simulate them. This presentation was held during the SDL Forum in Berlin on Oct 12, 2015.

Specification and conformance of M2M applications

PragmaDev presentation during M2M Innovation World Congress held in Marseille, France on Sep 9, 2014.

SDL-2010: Background, Rationale, and Survey

Rick Reed is Chairman at the SDL Forum society. This invited presentation concerns a revised version of the ITU-T Specification and Description Language standard, which is scheduled to be consented for approval by ITU-T during 2011. In this presentation and ongoing ITU-T work the revised version is called SDL-2010. At the time of writing (April 2011) the current standardized (or in ITU-T terminology Recommended) version is called SDL-2000. The presentation gives some historical background on the development of the language. The presentation includes rationale for the update of the language and the revised organization of the language standard. After the history, there is a description of the new organization followed by some details of the changed feature set of a revised version SDL-2010 compared with SDL-2000. The presentation concludes with a snapshot of the status of the SDL-2010 standard. This presentation was filmed during the SDL Forum 2011 hosted by IRIT in Toulouse.

SDL 2010 presentation

The slides of the presentation can be found here.

SDL-RT Tutorial

SDL-RT tutorial video presented at the SDL Forum 2007 by Eric Brunel. This video requires QuickTime player.

Eric Brunel is co-founder and CTO of PragmaDev, and co-designer of the SDL-RT language. He also participates in the ITU-T Study Group on System Design Languages. Before the company creation in 2001, he had 10 years of experience as a project leader on development support and modeling tools in a major company in the telecommunication industry. He is a specialist in UML, SDL, and SDL-RT, and is an expert in object oriented development methodologies, extreme programming, and test driven development.

SDL-RT Tutorial

The slides of the presentation can be found here.

An introduction to SDL

An introduction to Specification and Description Language including an example.

An introduction to TTCN-3

An introduction to TTCN-3 language including an example.

An introduction to ASN.1

An introduction to ASN.1 notation including its classical encoding rules.

JuIcE system optimization, a use case in the space domain.

Presentation of a use case in the space domain done with Airbus Defence & Space aiming at optimizing communication links from a satellite to earth.

Taste in action

Maxime Perrotin from ESA presents TASTE, a framework that combines complementary modeling technolgies such as Scade, Matlab, SDL, and Ada in one consistent environment.

Automatic interleaving for testing distributed systems

This paper presentation discusses how to test distributed systems with a lot of instances of the same sub system. Paper - Slides.

Deployment Simulator of Connected Objects

PragmaDev deployment simulator presentation and demonstration during the RTS 2015 conference in Paris on Apr 2, 2015.

Property verification on traces

PragmaDev Tracer feature presentation during the UCAAT 2014 conference in Munich Germany of its work done in the European PRESTO project.

Model checking with FIACRE

Video of the paper presentation at the ERTS2 conference held in Toulouse, France on February 5th, 2014.

Flash demonstration of a proof of concept of SDL model checking with FIACRE. The demo presents a simple SDL system, exports it to FIACRE, and verifies it with TINA.

State space in TINA