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The latest release of FreeRTOS V10.3.1 has been integrated with the generated code from PragmaDev Studio V5.6.

FreeRTOS logo

Windows scaling

PragmaDev Studio has been made "DPI aware" internally in order to scale fonts properly on Windows. All icons are also automatically adapted to the GUI scaling factor. This is particularely useful on laptop computers that have a substantial zoom factor.

Scale and layout window

External procedures

The model simulator can call external procedures written in any other language through XML-RPC. If the procedure is written in C the XML-RPC wrapper can now be generated automatically. The convention is the same as the one for code generation, so the same implementation can be used in simulation and on target.

Improved simulation performance

Several performance enhancements have been introduced, including a general performance boost by changing the garbage collection frequency. Also the display of coverage information of large systems was in some cases long. The display is now dynamic, i.e only the expanded nodes are displayed. The performance of the extraction itself has also been improved.

Support for Wayland

PragmaDev Studio V5.6 now supports Wayland on Linux platforms.


Requirements editor

The requirements viewer is now also an editor that can add or remove requirements.

Req editor

Direct PDF export

PDF is now available as a format for export or publication. Menu items have also been added to print all diagrams in a PDF file.

PDF export