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Improved editor

Process editing

The BPMN editor of this new version introduces editing features that will ease the life of the modeler. When hovering a symbol, a set of handles appear on the side where the cursor is.

Handle on symbol

Drag the new symbol where it needs to be.

Drag new symbol

Once the new symbol is dropped, a selection of categories will pop up.

Choice of category

The available symbols in the category will then appear.

Choice of symbol

And that's it !

New symbol

Please note the Participant and Lane containers have automatically adjusted to the new size of the process.


The lanes inserted in a participant will automatically fit the size of the participant.

New participant

New lane

When introducing a new lane in a participant it will automatically adjust to have both lanes.

Extra lane

Auto adjust

Multicore simulation

This new version takes advantage of multicore CPUs for heavy simulations.

Multicore preference

Please note the simulation results are the same no matter how many cores are configured.