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Performance analyzer

PragmaDev Process V3.2 allows to explore a business process with a set of scenarios against a set of resources.

When the process lead time does not meet the expected dead line, one of the possible correcting actions is to allocate more resources to the process. But which resources ? How much ? When ? This new feature helps to identify the type of resources, their quantity, and their calendar for a specific scenario.

PragmaDev Process V3.2 is a major step forward to identify and allocate resources to optimize a process.

Define a set of scenarios

Evaluation of the lead time or the cost of a process is done on specific scenarios. A typical variation in a scenario is how many times and how often a process is started. But the possible variations can go much deeper.

In the example below we will explore 9 scenarios of a pizza delivery process. The only variation is the number of pizza orders per hour.

List of scenarios

Define a set of resources

A set of resources defines the quantity, the availability and a time factor to perform a specific activity. A typical variation in resources is the available quantity of resources. The more resources are available, the faster the process will go but will cost more.

In the example below we will explore what happens with 4 different teams. In the different teams the number of cook and employees vary.

List of resources

Configure cross execution

Select the scenarios and the resources that will be cross-executed.

Drag new symbol

Define composite results with weights.

Weighted target

Performance results

The process is simulated on the basis of the set of scenarios against the set of resources. A result for each target as well as for the composite target is produced.

Weighted results

The results are presented with a background color that helps to visualize the best resources for each scenario.

Focused results