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PragmaDev Tracer is a free tool for graphical requirements, properties, and traces using a standard graphical representation. Main characteristics are:

  • Express the requirements and properties of your system,
  • Trace your system behavior on-line or off-line,
  • Verify the trace matches the requirements and the properties.

Technical characteristics

  • Easy connexion
    Connexion to the tracer is done through a socket with a possibility of acknowledgement of each information received.
  • Integration in your testing or development environment
    The tracer can be started in text mode and in batch mode and control commands can be received through the socket.
  • Integration with PragmaDev Studio
    Applications generated by PragmaDev Studio code generator embeds tracing information allowing to directly trace execution on target live through an IP connection.
  • Easy documentation
    Generates PNG, PostScript and HTML or copy/paste to word processors for easy documentation.
  • Property match
    PragmaDev Tracer can verify requirements and properties on the traces.
  • Flexibility
    PragmaDev MSC Tracer runs on Windows and Linux.


PragmaDev tracer is a graphical tracing tool based on ITU-T Message Sequence Chart and on OMG UML2.0 Sequence Diagram standards. It provides graphical representations of :

  • Tasks,
  • States,
  • Messages,
  • Semaphores,
  • Timers,
  • Objects,
  • Alternatives,
  • Loops,
  • Time constraints,
  • Chain constraints.
Each event is related to system time information.

A Simple Trace
A Simple Trace

Property definition

PragmaDev tracer supports Property Sequence Chart (PSC) in order to define expected properties of a system. Within the PSC language, a property is seen as a relation on a set of exchanged system messages, with zero or more constraints. PSC may be used to describe both positive scenarios (i.e., the “desired” ones) and negative scenarios (i.e., the “unwanted” ones) for specifying interactions among the components of a system. PSC has both formal notation and operational semantics.

Property Sequence Chart
Property Sequence Chart

An example of a violated property
An example of a violated property

On-line demonstration

  • See a 13 minutes on-line presentation and demonstration of the PragmaDev Tracer V2.0: here.

Free download

  • Current stable V2.0 developed within the PRESTO European project as a zip file (58 068 636 bytes) including all platforms (Windows, Linux, Solaris):

  • Previous version V1.2 as a zip file (49 715 256 bytes) including all platforms (Windows, Linux, Solaris):

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