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Pitotech is a leading technology provider, software and hardware offering, training, and consulting Service Company. Our experience engineers delivery high quality solution and service to fulfill our customers' requirement. Pitotech has established since 1992,and is very successful to attract and retain professional manpower by providing excellent support and service and receive highly satisfaction from our customers. Our Vision is to be a knowledge provider. We are not only as a product distributor but also a knowledge distributor.


South China

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Hongke China has evolved through more than 10 years of changes in the Embedded Systems Industry, building a portfolio of products that offer complete solutions to our customers' needs. We have assisted thousands of customers over those years in selecting successful, cost effective and capable products for their very specific needs.


North China

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Beijing Creation Technology Development

Creation Technology Development Corp is a system solution supplier for all China customers. This company supplies embedded solution and IT enterprise management platform. Creation China has a best embedded technical team for marketing/sales and support for all embedded application such as RTOS, UML, debugger tools and embedded application environment. At the same time, Creation also supplies China customers’ embedded-relative consulting and project research cooperation and service.