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PragmaDev Developer helps software developers to define their software architecture and the concurrent behavior of the different agents. Raise your expertise and:

  • focus on functional concerns,
  • make a clear architecture,
  • write portable design,
  • ease the maintenance,
  • generate documentation automatically,
  • improve quality by a ratio of 5.
Graphical symbols are used to describe the architecture and the high level behavior of the different agents. Low level behavior is written in C or C++ in the graphical model so that the code and the model are always consistent.

Code seamlessly embedded in the model
PragmaDev Developer state machine model.

Once the model is validated on host the code can be generated to run on target. The generated code can run by itself with the provided scheduler, or on any RTOS. The generated code can be customized and we have taken special care to keep the generated code legible and understandable. The modeling technology is ready to use and the engineering team can focus on their work instead of their tooling. The underlying concepts to build the model are the ones engineer are familiar with:state machines, message queues,timers, semaphores, procedures… Legacy is easy to integrate because C/C++ code is part of the modeling technology. Connection with debuggers and cross-debuggers allows model debugging on host and target.

Model debugger on host or target
PragmaDev Developer model debugger.

Keep the control

The generated code can embed:
  • tracing information to connect to PragmaDev Tracer,
  • back trace information to analyze the last past events,
  • coverage information to make sure all branches have been tested.
The model debugger provides execution traces, as well as three levels of stepping through the model:
  • Step from one event to another
  • Step graphically in the diagrams
  • Step in the generated C code

It is possible to step graphically in the model or in the generated C code and to switch from one representation to the other:

A live execution trace can be generated to visually monitor the system under test:

Live execution trace
Execution trace on target

On line demonstration

Check the basic features in a quick demonstration.

PragmaDev Developer is part of PragmaDev Studio. PragmaDev Studio is free for small projects and education. Download it here.

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