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ASN.1 Basic Encoding Rule support

When using ASN.1 data types in your SDL model there is no need to worry about encoding and decoding the data exchanged with external modules.

PragmaDev Studio V5.5 integrates asn1c free tool in its C code generation out of SDL models. For that purpose all SDL messages with their respective ASN.1 parameters are merged in an ASN.1 union. The encoder and the decoder for this union are available after code generation. An example with an external hand written module is provided in the distribution. For SDL-RT systems it is still recommanded to use Marben or OSS ASN.1 tools.

Export a stand alone prototyping GUI

As the prototyping GUI is usually the front end for your specification or design, PragmaDev Studio V5.5 can now generate a stand alone gui that can be manipulated by non specialist.

The tool generates a special package file that can be run as is on a computer that has PragmaDev Studio installed.

Prototyping GUI

Linux 64 bit

PragmaDev Studio V5.5 is now natively a 64 bit application on Linux. This eases the tool installation as most of Linux distributions are 64 bit now. But that also allows to deal with larger models when it comes to simulation.

macOS 64 bit

PragmaDev Studio V5.5 is now natively a 64 bit application on macOS. The new version also supports the native macOS compiler and debugger clang and lldb.

Export as a LateX document

PragmaDev Studio V5.5 can export documents in LateX format and benefits from its beautiful typeset output.


Directly from the document export menu:

Export as LaTeX

Use the default template or select a custom one.

Export as LaTeX options

Generate a superb documentation with table of contents and index in a click:

Generated PDF example