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PragmaDev provides a 2 days training on PragmaDev Studio or PragmaDev Process so that new users can get up to speed as quickly as possible. The covered topics are:

  • PragmaDev Studio
    • SDL language,
    • SDL-RT language,
    • TTCN-3 language,
    • Design methodology,
    • Use case with the tool.
  • PragmaDev Process
    • BPMN notation,
    • BPSim,
    • MSC,
    • PSC.

Trainings can take place at the customers' site with a minimum of two trainees.


Introducing a new tool and a new language in a team might be disturbing when used for the first time. PragmaDev can follow up the customer's project and make sure the language and the tool are properly used. Our experience and knowledge of the tools permit to detect critical problems right at the beginning of the project.

Usual steps for PragmaDev Studio are:
  • Technical environment analysis:
    • RTOS integration,
    • Cross compiler and debugger compatibility,
    • External module integration,
    • Legacy code.
  • Application development:
    • Specification,
    • Architecture,
    • Design,
    • Debug.
  • Integration and test,
    • Unitary testing with simulation on host,
    • Test scenarios definitions,
    • Integration testing on target.
  • Tool benefits analysis.

Usual steps for PragmaDev Process are:

  • Domain expert interviews,
  • Co-model with expert,
  • Animate model.

Change management

Introducing abstract graphical models is a major change compared to informal textual descriptions. This not only introduces new languages, but this changes the roles of the different stakeholders. Business owners, specifiers, and developers have the opportunity to raise their abstraction level and get closer to the requirements. Because such a change might be destabilizing we partner with Valuways, an experienced coach to help our customers to manage the organizational change induced.

Change process
Change process

Tool customization

PragmaDev is always pleased to work on integration with third party tools since it enlarges PragmaDev Studio and PragmaDev Process offering.

Usual customizations for Studio are:

  • Proprietary or COTS RTOS integration,
    The generated code out of SDL-RT can directly run on the customer's RTOS without any further operation.
  • Debugger integration,
    Graphical debuging when running on a target might require a tool customization.
  • Third party tool integration,
    Link your model to a third party tool in order to work in a consistent environment.
Usual customizations for Process are:
  • Improve import from another authoring tool,
  • Generate customized results out of a simulation or execution,
  • Create connection points to the tool.

Use cases

The validation of a new technology requires some thorough evaluation. Because our prospects have often limited resources available for such an experiment, PragmaDev can help to set up a representative use case.

Other services

PragmaDev has established a network of partners to offer all kinds of services around its product such as:

  • Training,
  • Consulting,
  • Coaching,
  • Third party tools integration,
  • Business processes improvements,
  • Software developments,
  • Hardware developments.
For our customers, having external partners is a guarantee of quality since each partner is a specialist in its respective area.

Nevertheless a unique speaker among the partners is the interface with the customer and coordinates the teams. This organization offers great flexibility allowing to handle very large project with highly skilled consultants in their respective areas.

Executable specification and design with Studio

Formalize your internal processes with Process