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The number of connected objects in the near future will reach a new level. Because of the inherent complexity due to the dynamic behavior of communicating devices, and the increasing cost of a real deployment, modeling will become a necessary step in system development.

Modeling can address several critical aspects in system development:

  • Write unambiguous and verifiable requirements.
  • Making sure the requirements are well understood with a good level of understanding to ensure interoperability.
  • Making sure the final system is conform to the requirements.
  • Making sure the system will be maintainable including all its possible variants all along its lifetime to ensure backward compatibility and functional stability.
  • Automatically explore execution paths generated by the complexity of event driven systems to ensure the highest level of safety and robustness.
To deal with these new challenges precise and specialized modeling technologies will be used.

PragmaDev has always focused on standard formal modeling technologies in its set of tools. A formal technology allows to design complete and unambiguous models, necessary to address the issues brought by the multiplication of communicating systems.


Our mission is to help our customers to manage complexity in their development. This includes tooling, training, coaching, and customization.


For more than 14 years PragmaDev has worked steadily and with enthusiasm to deliver high quality products based on international standards.


Founded in 2001 by Emmanuel Gaudin and Eric Brunel, and based in Paris France, PragmaDev is the leading provider of graphical software modelling tools based on SDL international standard. It targets all development teams developping communicating systems, a fast growing market where 90% of the developments use no modelling tools.

PragmaDev technology was one of the winners of the 2001 edition of the national competition on innovative technologies organized by the French ministry of research. PragmaDev has established partnership with key players in the real time domain. Customers include Airbus, Alcatel, Renault, Thomson, the French Army, Nortel Networks, the European Space Agency, Toshiba, Korean Telecom, LG Electronics, and Wipro.