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License installation

On-line license

Create a member profile and buy on line with your credit card. At startup the tool will check license validity on our web site. That means an active internet connection is required when using the tool.

Local license server

A license server provides licenses to clients on the local area network. The license file is dedicated to the server and requires to identify it through a hostname and a hostid. Below is explained how to get the hostname and hostid needed to generate the license file.

  • For a PragmaDev License Manager (PLM) server
    Download and run the utility for your license server architecture:
  • For a FLEXlm license server
    Please note our most recent versions do not support FLEXlm any more.

Node locked license file

It is possible to generate a license file that is dedicated to a single computer. This configuration does not require to start a license server nor does it require to have an internet connection. Still the computer must be uniquely identified through a hostname and a hostid. The identification utilities are the same as the one for the license server, download and run the utility for your license server architecture:

Technical support

Please check first our FAQ page and our bug report page before reporting.

If no satisfactory answer is found, support questions are preferably treated via e-mail at the following address: .

In order to get quick answer do not forget the following information:
  • PragmaDev tool,
  • Tool version,
  • Platform and operating system exact version,
  • Exact manipulations that produced the problem,
  • Specify if the problem is repeatable,
  • If possible send the model causing the problem with the description of the problem (all *.rd*). If a Non Disclosure Agreement is needed ask the support to send an NDA template a manager will sign.
If the problem concerns FLEXlm license manager, you can download their full documentation here.

Licensing platform matrix

Please note that licenses are platform independant. As long as it is supported, a client on any platform can connect to a server on any platform.

On-line Client PLM Server PLM Client
Win32 X X X
64-bit Linux X X X
macOS X X X
Raspbian X X X