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Version: v6.0
Tool: All

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Status: P: Pending, S: Suspended, C: Corrected, R: Not reproductible.

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Tool acronyms: IN: Installation, LM: License management, UE: UML editor, ME: MSC editor, TE: Text editor, SE: SDL-RT editor, PM: Project manager, PG: Prototyping GUI, CG: C code generator, MT: MSC tracer, MD: Model Debugger, MS: Model Simulator, MV: Model validation, DE: Document editor, TT: TTCN-3 support

Tool id description comment date status forecast
4485 A message is displayed via a "vanishing notification panel" (a temporary yellow rectangle displaying the message) may cause an unexpected error on Windows.  Corrected. The name of the default font on Windows may contain a space, which was not considered in this case, which could cause the error.  2022-08-23 C v6.0.1 
4496 When collapsing lifelines, messages to the collapsed lifeline may get corrupted: after saving the diagram and reloading it, they might display as links from the sender to itself.  Corrected. The problem was actually when the diagram was saved: internally, the destination for the message is not the collapsed lifeline, but the lifeline it "contains", and there was a wrong test on this criterion when saving, causing the event for the message reception to be attached to the sender instead of the receiver.  2022-11-08 C v6.0.1 
4497 When checking a PSC property against a MSC diagram containing collapsed lifelines, it happens that the highlights on the MSC are off compared to the actual compared event.  The problem is not the collapsed lifelines; see bug n. 4502 for the real problem.  2022-11-08 R  
4486 When importing a SDL-PR file, if an agent contains an invalid symbol - e.g. a STOP in a procedure -, the error is not handled properly and an unexpected error might occur.  Corrected. This particular error case was not correctly handled.  2022-08-24 C v6.0.1 
4478 When element file locking is enabled, if file names contain non-ASCII characters, an unexpected error may occur when editors are closed, caused by the attempt to unlock the file.  Corrected. An invisible file has to be deleted when the element is unlocked, and Windows requires to make it visible again to be able to delete it. There was a file name encoding issue there, which could cause an unexpected error.  2022-08-05 C v6.0.1