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Airbus success story

Since 2002, Airbus sub-contractor CS has been developing ATC (Air Traffic Control) applications for Airbus France with PragmaDev tools. CS is fully responsible for the choice of the technology provider. Trusting PragmaDev with its tool has enabled complete control in real time of the entire production cycle managed by CS. Collaboration with PragmaDev allows CS to comply with a key requirement to continually improve the development environment.

"Collaboration with PragmaDev allows CS to comply with a key requirement to continually improve the development environment."

Experience of an efficient and actual MDE process : design and verification of ATC onboard systems ERTS2 conference paper.


Renault success story

Renault production line management software designed with PragmaDev.

The Système d’Information de Pilotage de la Tôlerie (SIPTOL) application manages the manufacturing of vehicles in real time, asynchronously handling the various workshops on the production line. Build orders are received by the software, converted into actions, and sent to the robots of the various workshops. SIPTOL is a critical software because if it ever stops, the whole line is stopped. As an example, a one minute stop is one vehicle lost. The team responsible for the application has 15 people at the central site, and 1 person locally, at the plant. PragmaDev Studio replaced an obsolete modeling tool, improved the performance, and added features based on more recent technologies.

"PragmaDev has demonstrated the superiority and flexibility of its package compared to other tools"


ST-Ericsson success story

The goal of this project was to develop a software layer running on an ARM core using the OpenMAX IL standardized media component interface. This project has been developed in Sophia- Antipolis by two audio software engineers.

"Generally speaking the utilization of the tool turned out to be indispensable in the project. The idea of generating diagrams from the traces allows saving time and getting a better understanding of the global architecture."


Pacte PME success story

Listen to PragmaDev success story by the Pacte PME on French National Radio Classique on Dec 13, 2011.

NewLogic success story

NewLogic is one of PragmaDev's first customer. They have developed a WiFi stack with PragmaDev tool that has been integrated in consumer electronics product. At that time the protocol standard was not finalized so the development team had to follow up the standard evolutions as it was being discussed in the standardization group. This interview is in French subtitled in English.