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Version: v3.0
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Tool acronyms: IN: Installation, LM: License management, PM: Project manager, BE: BPMN editor, BS: BPMN Simulator (BPSim), BX: BPMN eXecutor, BV: BPMN Validation (OBP), ME: MSC editor, MT: MSC tracer, TE: Text editor

Tool id description comment date status forecast
BE 4556 In exploration, it would be nice for gates to be automatically enabled or disabled from the start. This would reduce the exploration states with no drawbacks.  Done. All gates are enabled or disabled at the start of exploration. Enabling or disabling of gates is not a possible action during exploration.  2023-02-01 C v3.0 
BE 4549 When generating the code coverage after an OBP exploration, it would be nice to actually have a set of code coverage results that show all model elements and not only the uncovered ones. Since the number of hits in this case is irrelevant, it would also be nice to display this set with only the information covered / uncovered for each node in the tree.  Done. The model coverage results now show the coverage for all symbols in the models, but with only a checkbox for each, indicating if it has been covered or not, with no number of hits.  2023-01-26 C v3.0 
BE 4545 For simulation parameters based on a beta distribution, BPSim specifies that the distribution parameters are its shape and its scale. These are not the traditional parameters for a beta distribution, which are alpha and beta, that both control the shape. It would be better to use the standard parameters.  It seems it's a mistake in BPSim: there are no definitions for a "shape" or a "scale" for a beta-distribution. The shape and scale parameters have been mapped to the alpha and beta parameters respectively and their name have been changed in the user interface.  2023-01-24 C v3.0 
BE 4540 Provide a way to run executor via a command line interface.  Done. The CLI interface to the executor can be now accessed via the command: pragmaprocesscommand execute.  2023-01-17 C v3.0 
BE 4157 When using the OBP exploration for deadlock spotting, if no deadlock is found, but all symbols in the BPMN model have not been covered, it would be nice to get a warning, as well as the possibility to display the uncovered symbols.  Done. The model coverage rate is now always displayed in the OBP progress dialog, and if the end of the exploration is reached and the rate is not 100%, its color will be changed to orange to make it more noticeable. The model coverage can then be extracted to see which part of the model is uncovered.  2023-01-17 C v3.0 
BE 4428 Resource management with BPSim.  Done. Resources are not managed in the standard BPSim way: they are defined outside of BPMN models in special documents that can be shared across projects. The BPSim data for BPMN models contain the standard selection expressions which will fetch the needed resources in the resource definitions document in the project. Some enhancements have also been done: for the getResources & getResourceByRoles selection functions, a variant allows to specify a deviation for the requested number, with an impact on the time spent in the activity if it ends up taking more or less resources than the average requested number. The notion of capacities have also been added on resources with the corresponding function allowing to select resources based on the values of their capacities.  2023-01-03 C v3.0 
BE 4514 In the simulation parameters, all kinds of values are always available for all parameters. But for the processing time, for example, only numbers and durations make sense, the other value kinds should not be available.  Done. Only appropriate value kinds for the current parameter are now displayed: check box for booleans, fixed integer or real vamues as well as distribution based values for numbers and duration values for durations.  2022-12-28 C v3.0 
BE 4513 In simulation the default behavior is to step-over call-activities with BPSim parameters. It would be nice to be able to change this behavior globally (for all activities) and individually (for each call-activity).  Done. An option has been introduced in preferences.  2022-12-22 C v3.0 
CV 4551 The coverage viewer should have a "least executed symbols" and "most executed symbols" filter.  Done. Several filters have been added, depending on whether the coverage results show the number of hits or only the covered/uncovered information. In the first case, the filters allow to show only the uncovered symbols, the least executed symbols and the most executed symbols, with a configurable margin.  2023-01-31 C v3.0 
ME 4553 Ease navigation in the diagram editor from a black box to its definition. Since the definition might be in several diagrams, the list of possible definitions of the black box could be displayed as well as the liste of usage of the same black box. The search could also be narrowed by the selection of an incoming or outgoing message.  Done. Opening the definition of a black-box participant is now possible via the 'open definition' item in the contextual menu , or by double-clicking on it. In case of an ambiguity (participant with the same name present in several models/diagrams), a diagram will appear listing the possibilities and allowing to select the one to open.  2023-01-31 C v3.0 
MV 4554 While exploring it could be interesting to display some information of the underlying execution. For example the basic number of execution would be interesting. This because after a while the number of new configurations slows down and it seems the execution tends to slow down until it stops while in reality there is a full execution going in the background.  Done. There is now a new field in the exploration progress dialog displaying the number of fired transitions since the beginning of the exploration, which increases whether new configurations are discovered or not.  2023-01-31 C v3.0