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Version: v3.1
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Tool acronyms: IN: Installation, LM: License management, PM: Project manager, BE: BPMN editor, BS: BPMN Simulator (BPSim), BX: BPMN eXecutor, BV: BPMN Validation (OBP), ME: MSC editor, MT: MSC tracer, TE: Text editor

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BE 4654 Creating and updating processes within participants should be much simpler: the participant could adjust its size to the whole process automatically, and resizing it should have constraints to prevent symbols in the process to end up outside of it.  Done. Creating a symbol linked with a sequence flow to another one that is in a participant will automatically extend the participant to include the new symbol. The same will happen when a sequence flow is created between two symbols in the same participant, or when moving or resizing symbols in a participant.  2023-09-13 C v3.1 
BE 4655 Lanes in participants should be handled in a much more practical way: they should adjust their sides so that they fill up automatically the whole space in the participant, and adding a lane should keep all the existing symbols in the existing lanes and resize the participant to make space for the lane. There should also be a way to easily split the participant in lanes and add one above or below the selected one without having to use the symbol insertion toolbar.  Done. A 'sticky lanes' option has been introduced, which is on by default for a participant created with Process. If it's on, all lanes within a participant will automatically stick to the participant's borders. Special operations have been introduced to manage these lanes more efficiently.  2023-09-13 C v3.1 
BE 4659 When a heatmap is displayed with a model, it is very difficult to get the values for the symbols on screen: the mouse pointer has to be within the "halo" around the symbol, which is sometimes very difficult to do because of links and texts around the symbol itself. It would be much more practical if the value for the heatmap was displayed as soon as the mouse pointer is within the symbol itself or the halo.  Done. The handling of the display of heatmap values has been completely redone: now the values will show when the mouse pointer is within the symbol or the 'halo' around it as soon as a heatmap is displayed. To prevent the value from being hidden by the hover buttons when the pointer is within the symbol, the values are shown under the symbol when the pointer is in its upper half, and above it when it is in its lower half.  2023-09-06 C v3.1 
BE 4652 It would be nice to give an initial size to a participant or lane by clicking & dragging when creating it. Today, it is only possible to click to create it with the default size.  Done. Inserting a participant or lane is still done by clicking the symbol in the toolbar, then clicking at its position in the diagram. But now, if the mouse button is kept pressed & dragged, it defines the initial position & dimensions for the created participant or lane. Note that just clicking does the same as before: the participant or lane is created with the default size, centered on the clicked position.  2023-07-12 C v3.1 
BE 4650 Introduce a more practical way to create a BPMN model in the editor: going back and forth to the symbol and link insertion toolbars is tedious, and inserting symbols and links via the keyboard shortcuts is a a bit of an advanced feature which is not obvious to discover and use.  Done. When hovering over a symbol, there are now 3 buttons appearing near it: two are for creating sequence and message flows from it by clicking and dragging to the other symbol (or clicking on the button, then shift-clicking on each corner to create a broken link), and the third one to create a successor of the symbol. After a click, a symbol "ghost" will appear, allowing to position it where it should be, then the actual type for the symbol will be asked via a circular menu, possibly followed by another one to select the "subtype" for the symbol (e.g task -> user task, or gateway -> exclusive gateway).  2023-07-10 C v3.1 
BE 4651 Introduce a simplified mode for BPMN model creation, where the choice of symbols is reduced to the most common ones. For example, special types of actiities such as script or manual ones are rarely used, so there is no need to show them by default.  Done. A selector has been added in the BPMN model editor 'Edit' menu allowing to select the mode to use. In simplified mode, only plain tasks & process call activities can be created directly, and anything handling signals is not directly available. Inclusive gateways are also hidden. Note that it is still possible to change the type of a created element to one that is not directly available in its properties ('Shape kind' selector).  2023-07-10 C v3.1 
BE 4605 Once the Resource parameter has been set to something different than None, the interface never comes back to None. That is a bit confusing even though it does not impact the fact that tere is no resource needed for the activity.  Done. The "none" choice was actually selected only when the parameter for the resource selection expression was absent. Now, it is also selected when the parameter is present but the expression is empty. So clearing the expression will set back the kind selector to "none".  2023-05-25 C v3.1 
BE 4585 It would be nice to have multiple selection in the editor with the shift key.  Done. Extending the selection with the shift key now works exactly the same as with the control key.  2023-05-24 C v3.1 
BE 4584 When creating a new flow, sequence flow or message flow, the line should be composed of vertical and horizontal segments. The diagonal segment is usually unwanted.  Done. When creating a link, the link will be automatically broken in 3 horizontal & vertical segments if it's not horizontal or vertical as a whole. Also, when moving symbols, if links have to be updated and they are a sequence of horizontal & vertical segments, they will stay that way as far as possible.  2023-05-24 C v3.1 
BE 4586 Tab completion would be greatly appreciated when editing a model. In particular when editing the name of a black box referring to a lane in another diagram, or when editing a message or a signal that is received in another diagram.  Done. Tab completion has been introduced for participants and messages. Note that no analysis is performed for messages: all message names will be suggested, regardless of what what message flows already exist in the processes. Also note that blanks are not significant for tab completion: if a participant name includes several blanks in a row or a carriage return for example, its name will be suggested if the text typed so far contains only one space at the same spot.  2023-05-03 C v3.1 
BE 4641 In the scenario definition dialog, it would be nice to have a button picking a random seed.  Done. The button is on the right side of the seed entry, and picks a random number between 1 and 999999999.  2023-04-28 C v3.1 
BE 4632 Allow to change the values for the BPSim parameters for several symbols at the same time.  Done. When several symbols are selected, each simulation parameter will either show the actual value if it's the same for all symbols, or a specific marker in a different color if it is not. Changing the value will impact all symbols. Note that control parameters are handled differently: as their semantics varies a lot depending on the symbol, they cannot be modified if several symbols are selected.  2023-04-18 C v3.1 
BE 4595 It would be nice to be able to add BPSim information to multiple scenarios at the same time.  Done. The dialog allowing to select the current scenario now allows mutliple selections, and the field in the simulation properties indicating the impacted scenario can now show several names, with a color change to indicate if several of them will be impacted by the change. Note that the current scenario is no more saved with the model, and the checkbox 'is current' has been removed from the scenario definition dialog.  2023-04-18 C v3.1 
BE 4628 When displaying simulation results, it would be interesting to be able to sort the execution log tree by time or cost, increasing or decreasing.  Done. Clicking on the column header in the logs tree now sorts according to the column. The sorting is available for the columns scenario/replication/run, time & cost. Clicking on the sort column toggles between ascneding & descending order.  2023-03-17 C v3.1 
BE 4562 In simulation it would be nice to use distributions for trigger-count and inter-trigger-timer parameters.  Done. Distributions are naow available for both.  2023-02-03 C v3.1 
BS 4657 It would be nice to parallelize simulations to reduce execution times.   Done. Simulation can now be run in parallel based on the number of physical CPU cores in the machine.  2023-08-09 C v3.1 
BS 4648 In simulation, the use of floating point values for time and cost may result in loss of precision and difficulty in reproductibility of results. It would be nice for values of time and cost to be handled as integers instead of floats.  Done. Fractions are used internally for calculations for better precision.  2023-06-02 C v3.1 
BS 4647 It would be nice if clicking on a bar in the replication overview chart in the 'Resources' tab of the simulation results selected the activity the bar represents.  Done. Clicking on a bar in the replication overview resource graph now selects the corresponding activity, in addition to the tooltip giving its title, diagram intsance identifier and trigger index.  2023-06-01 C v3.1 
BS 4644 Today, the duration for a simulation scenario can only be specified with an ISO-8601-formatted duration string. It would be nice to also allow to specify it as a number of scenario time units.  Done. In the duration field for a scenario, the value can now be either a positive number (integer or float) or an ISO8601-formatted duration string. Note that the duration string cannot have years or months specified, as these are ambiguous (e.g, unclear end date for a scenario starting on a 29th of February and lasting a month or a year).  2023-05-19 C v3.1 
BS 4599 The simulation parameters should be stored with the results. So that it is always possible to understand from which configuration the results come from.  Done. The convention in the project tree for the simulation results have been reversed: the results appear at the top-level of the tree, and under them appears a copy of the model as it was when the simulation was run, as well as resource definition files used by any scenario. The models and resource definitions are read-only. If the simulation used an external BPSim file for element parameters, it is integrated in the copy of the model.  2023-05-19 C v3.1 
BS 4608 It would be nice to be able to associate a simulation scenario to the diagram on which the simulation is supposed to be run.  Done. An entry has been added in the scenario definition dialog to select the main diagram for the scenario. Its value is stored in a vendor extension attribute in the XML file. The main diagram defaults to the first diagram in the model.  2023-05-03 C v3.1 
BS 4640 Today, if several resource sets are defined in a project, there is no way to associate one of them to a simulation scenario: all scenarios use the first set found in the project. It would be better if a scenario could have a reference to the resource set it will use.  Done. A new entry has been added in the scenario definition dialog to select the resource definitions to use. Its value is stored in a vendor extension attribute in the BPMN XML file. The resource definitions set is identified by its relative path from the model's parent directory. Note that this parameter does not have a default value, and the simulation will not work if any activity has a resource selection expression in its simulation parameters, but no resource definitions file is set in the scenario. So scenarios created with a previous version will have to be modified to keep working.  2023-05-03 C v3.1 
BS 4639 Extend durations supported in BPSim today to include milliseconds. These are supported in the latest version of the ISO8601 standard, but BPSim in based on the 2004 version, which didn't include them. But BPSim's smallest time unit is milliseconds, so it makes sense to support them in the durations as well.  Done. The milliseconds are added in the seconds fileds in both date/times and durations, separated from the seconds themselves with a '.' or a ','. Only 3 digits are supported after it; if any other digit is present, it will be ignored.  2023-04-26 C v3.1 
BS 4638 Support durations based on weeks, such as P2W for 2 weeks.  Done. Note that internally, a duration expressed in weeks is represented as the equivalent duration in days. So for example, the duration "P1W" will eventually appear as the duration "P7D".  2023-04-25 C v3.1 
BS 4637 Durations for activities based on months or years can end up making no sense at all: if an activity is setup to last one month and starts on the 31st of January, its end date is ambiguous, since there's no 31st of February. The same applies to an activity starting on a 29th of February and lasting one year. It would be better to forbid durations based on months and/or years; such a duration can be expressed in a non-ambiguous way with days or weeks anyway.  Done. A duration with a years or months field can no more be entered as a parameter for an activity, and an existing duration with any of these fields will cause the check before the simulation starts to fail.  2023-04-25 C v3.1 
BS 4635 It would be nice to harmonize the CSV files for the execution logs and the resource logs: today, the execution logs have a relative time as a flaot in their first column, while the resource logs have an absolute timestamp. This makes matching the two very difficult.  Done. The two kinds of logs now have the absolute timestamp in their first column.  2023-04-20 C v3.1 
BS 4400 After a simulation, depending on the number of replications and trigger count there might be thousands of resulting log files. Since the longest or shortest scenarios might of interest for analysis it would be interesting to sort the logs depending on the elapsed time or cost.  Done; same as feature 4628  2023-03-17 C v3.1 
BS 4610 As negative values for time and cost do not make sense (bug 4604), it would be helpful during simulation to replace all negave values with zero. This should be reported when it happens because it affects the random number generator quality.  Done. Negative values are ignored, and an RNG quality indicator is shown in the simulation progress.  2023-03-09 C v3.1 
BV 4576 When exploring a model via the graphical interface, it would be nice to show the selected state in the model too.  Done. The execution state is updated in the editor when navigating through the states in OBP GUI.  2023-02-13 C v3.1 
MT 4649 Today, when tracing a BPMN execution, only the start of activities are traced. It would be nice to trace separately the start of an activity and its end, especially when something is happening between the two. This is even more interesting when converting a simulation log to a MSC diagram, which uses the tracing mechanism too: today, since only the beginning of the activity is traced, the ending time for the activity is not even in the MSC diagram.  Done. There are now separate symbols for the beginning of an activity and its end. If an activity starts, then ends with nothing happening between the two, it will be traced as before with an activity symbol. The ending time for this symbol is now correctly set to the ending time of the activity though. But if anything happens between the activity start and its end, there will be two separate symbols, the start one having only a start time, and the end one having only an end time.  2023-06-12 C v3.1 
PM 4597 When opening a project with a lot of simulation results, each having a lot of execution logs, the opening can take a lot of time, especially if the files are read from a slow or shared disk.  Done. All the logs were loaded when the project was opened. The logs are now being read only when needed, i.e when displaying them in the BPMN editor.  2023-03-03 C v3.1 
RE 4636 Ambiguous ranges for resource quantities are not checked today. For example, the meaning of a range starting on the 31st of January and repeating every month is not clear, and neither is it for a range starting on a 29th of February and repeating every year. It would be better to forbid this kind of ranges and check it when trying to add them.  The calendars used to define resource quantities are defined by RFC-5545, which actually lifts a lot of ambiguities regarding the repetition rules. Mainly, if the repetition rule ends up creating an occurence on a date that does not exist, this occurence is simply skipped and the event keeps repeating until it reaches a date that does exist. So adaptations have been made to ensure this behavior in most cases, with a fallback in the unlikely case that it cannot work. In this case, the repetition rule stops repeating and the event is marked as "truncated", and will appear differently in the table of events for the resource quantity.  2023-04-24 C v3.1